Jenny Lilja

For several years now, Jenny has been the silent force in the kitchen at The Hedges. Jenny learned to cook under her mother Carol, who was the Executive Chef & Owner at “Hobson’s Choice”, a very popular restaurant in The Hamptons for over two decades. Jenny was the maitre’d since the age of 6, slowly working her way into the kitchen with her mother during the summers, and has been taking care of people ever since. She has worked as a Private Chef for some of the most famous individuals in our community, and worked at one of the most popular luxury hotels in The Hamptons. She was promoted to Innkeeper & Executive Chef in 2015, and is excited every day to work in this old home she loves so dearly.

Mayra & Carmen

As the staff likes to say “Jenny runs the Business, but Mayra (Head of Housekeeping) runs the House”. Taking care of this large a property is a Team effort. Having been here a combined 15 years, make no mistake about it, this house is the envy of our competition simply due to this hardworking duo. You’ll hear them softly singing all through the house throughout their work day.

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